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I am Katrina, owner and facilitator of Holistic Life Services!

Since 2011, I have served the East Valley providing over 1,000 hours of healing touch, wellness education, spiritual guidance and personal empowerment.  I graduated from the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts with certifications in Therapeutic Massage and Yoga. Over the years I have continued my education, through SWIHA, Blossom Birth and The Healing Arts Connection.   My goal is to offer each client a personalized, unique experience that leaves them feeling relaxed, honored and nurtured. 

Holistic Life Services employs a natural and intuitive approach to personal health management.  Whether you’re looking to relax with massage, re-align with yoga or release old patterns with life coaching or energy work; I’ll provide you with a customized, soothing experience with results that last!

Who are HLS clients?

Do you feel like you’re constantly running on empty?  Do you frequently experience soreness in your body, no matter what your activity level? Do you often find yourself tense, even when you’re “trying” to relax?   

If you are a "yes" to any of those questions then Holistic Life Services has an offering for you! I help hardworking, stressed individuals release anxiety, calm their spirits and enhance their physical well-being through therapeutic touch and other relaxation techniques.  

HLS Clients are those that:

  • Understand Relaxation as an integral part of holistic wellness.
  • Are searching for regular bodywork and/or spirit coaching for maintenance.
  • Value themselves to commit to taking an active part in their personal well-being.
  • Are interested in learning  about stress reduction techniques and how to incorporate them into their lives.
  • Are ready to say “Yes” to themselves for increased calm, vitality and self esteem. 
What are People Saying about Holistic Life Services?

G.G. (massage therapist) "I have experienced Katrina as a coach and therapist with great benefit... I recommend for anyone looking for transformation of body, mind and soul."

S.A.P. (author and public speaker) "One of the best massages I have ever gotten (and I've gotten quite a few over the years). She is intuitive and very tuned in. I found the sessions healing on many levels. Highly recommended!"

D.H. (Midwife and mother) "Kat's life experience comes through her work. She walks the walk. She's intuitive and gracefully powerful."

A.R. (women's empowerment coach) "Holistic Life Services offers a phenomenal experience. Whether is be yoga, massage or coaching - Katrina is a healer in many modalities. She is very aware of body mechanics and muscle placement and works to cater to your uniqueness. I had a fantastic experience working with her. I highly recommend choosing her as your practitioner."

Mission Statement:

To Serve the Divine by serving the Divine in others

To Facilitate in the healing and transformation of individuals by empowering and educating with love and sensitivity

To share with clients tools and knowledge to continue on their path towards their highest good

To spread a message of nature-based, intuitive wellness and encourage holistic health practices as a positive personal and family tradition

Stop "Trying" to Relax and Start Living!

You CAN enjoy peace in your mind, heart and body!  I work with you to show you how to get the most out of your sessions, have longer lasting results and experience real change!  Call or email me today about how you can upgrade your health and make a plan for your continued wellness!  

My serene private studio is conveniently located near the 202 and Downtown Mill Ave. 

I look forward to seeing you soon,


704 S Margo Dr
Tempe, AZ 85281
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